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External Data for Smart Contracts

Connect your smart contracts to APIs from some of the world's premier data providers.

Smart Contract Developers

Create tamper-proof smart contracts that connect to real-world data by utilizing Honeycomb’s premium APIs served through decentralized Chainlink oracles.


Node Operators

Earn LINK by serving calls from dozens of paid, high-quality APIs without the need to buy monthly subscriptions or manage API keys.

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API Providers

Monetize your APIs with thousands of smart contracts and blockchain-based applications, fast and with zero technical knowledge required.

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Introducing Honeycomb

Honeycomb is an API marketplace purpose-built for connecting smart contracts to high-quality external data inputs from some of the world’s premier data providers. Smart contracts can query APIs on Honeycomb via decentralized Chainlink oracles, allowing the contract to execute in a highly reliable, end-to-end secure manner on networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Hyperledger.

Honeycomb For Smart Contract Developers

For Smart Contract Developers

Honeycomb acts as a marketplace of authenticated APIs available on the Chainlink network. Our goal is to reduce the amount of time smart contract developers spend searching for viable data sources, and increase the amount of time they can spend actually building smart contracts.

For Node Operators

Honeycomb enables connection to multiple high-quality paid APIs simultaneously and without the need to pay risky monthly subscription fees. Since external adapters come bundled with the APIs, there will also be no need to develop your own, drastically reducing the effort required for nodes to connect to paid APIs.

Honeycomb For API Providers

For API Providers

Honeycomb offers the easiest way to monetize data in the smart contract economy, with zero technical effort required. Listing an API on the Honeycomb marketplace immediately makes it available for purchase by thousands of nodes in the Chainlink network. Simply choose the per-call price of your API and we do the rest, creating the external adapter and marketing the API to Chainlink node operators.

If you have an API you would like to monetize on Honeycomb, you can contact us directly at: [email protected]